Welcome to CzechBIAS pages

Welcome to CzechBIAS pages#

The Czech BioImage Analysts’ Society (CzechBIAS) is a freely formed society for anyone interested in BioImage Analysis. Its aim is to associate BioImage Analysts so they can discuss and share experiences and tools. It was created in 2023 with the ideology of GloBIAS and NEUBIAS and its successor in mind, and SwissBIAS as an inspiration.

This is a community effort driven by all members, with flexible degrees of involvement: If there is something you would like to see done, the fastest way may well be to just do it.

Why we exist:#

  • Provide space for Czech BioImage Analysts to exchange experience through online meetings.

  • Provide a space to discuss BioImage Analysis (BIAS) approaches, workflows, and tools, …

  • Discuss, share, and consider cooperative projects, workshops, lectures, and other activities.

  • Accumulate the experience and needs of BIAS users (from core facilities and/or through collaborative projects).

  • Define the role of bioimage analysts.

  • Track and promote workshops, courses, and events for our members and anyone interested.

Community Resources#

Check out events, tools, jobs and training that is shared by community wordwide. Or contribute and share yours in the database here.

Is it for me?#

Anyone interested in the exchange of experience and/or having the desire to learn about BioImage Analysis is more than welcome! Check the contact page or member part to learn about who we are and how to contact us.